Who says Christmas magic has to wait until December? Netflix turns the festive dial up a notch, unraveling its ‘See What’s Next: Philippines 2023’ lineup with its pioneering Netflix Station ID. This star-studded showcase spotlights new local titles soon to grace our screens, creating the perfect backdrop to our holiday anticipation.

Barangay Netflix’s Caroling Extravaganza

Bringing together the charm of seasoned actors and the dynamic energy of emerging stars, the Station ID is replete with Christmas warmth and iconic Pinoy visuals. Featuring stellar casts from imminent releases like Can’t Buy Me Love with Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan, Keys to the Heart starring Dolly de Leon, Zanjoe Marudo and Elijah Canlas, and Replacing Chef Chico led by Piolo Pascual, Alessandra de Rossi, and Sam Milby—went Christmas caroling at Barangay Netflix together with the country’s sought-after celebrities who starred in recent hits Missed Connections (Miles Ocampo, Kelvin Miranda, Chie Filomeno), and What If (Alessandra de Rossi, JM de Guzman), two local films that reached the Number 1 spot on Netflix’s top list after their launch on the service. The stars of Seasons (Lovi Poe, Carlo Aquino), another top film that debuted on Netflix, grace the screen, extending warm holiday wishes.

Hidden Gems: Pinoy Easter Eggs Alert!

The vibrant Station ID is not just a visual treat but also a treasure trove for eagle-eyed fans. From the season’s greetings at a neighbor’s gate from the duo of Seasons’ Kurt and Charlie (Lovi Poe and Carlo Aquino) to the enthralling Keys to the Heart Dolly de Leon on a vinyl cover – there’s a myriad of Easter eggs to discover. Peep the Replacing Chef Chico crates as our stars gather for a feast And yes, can’t forget the merry tunes from “Can’t Buy Me Love” echoing from a karaoke machine.

Directors Weigh In

Renowned for its eclectic mix of stories, Netflix’s commitment to showcasing Filipino talent was palpable at the “See What’s Next: Philippines 2023” launch. Esteemed local directors expressed their anticipation and shared the essence of their films. 

Manny Palo, the brilliant mind behind What If, reflected on the essence of Christmas, “Christmas is about family, familial love, friends and it’s during [this] season when we try to evaluate the life that we had the past year, the milestones, failures, disappointment. Just like in our film, What If. What if iba nangyari sa buhay natin in the past year? What if kinuha ko ito or what if ’di ko ginawa ito? So I think it’s also not just a love story, it also helps us reflect kung ano nangyari sa buhay natin,”

Kerwin Go, the director for Keys to the Heart, highlighted the importance of family, no matter how unconventional or diverse they might be. “Keys to the Heart is a family dramedy. It’s a celebration of family, unconventional families, meaning blended families. It could be a family that you adopt and friends who become family and neighbors who actually become just as important.”

Dan Villegas emphasized the themes of love, friendship, and acceptance in Replacing Chef Chico, “Replacing Chef Chico is about Ella, the sous chef who takes over Hain’s kitchen. I think it’s perfect for the Christmas season because on the top level it’s about love, friendship, and acceptance,” said director Dan Villegas. While the series’ showrunner, Antoinette Jadaone, gave a nod to the Pinoy palate, stressing the series’ deep-rooted focus on Filipino food and culture. “For Christmas, perfect panoorin with your family, friends, and loved ones yung Replacing Chef Chico because, in every episode, there is a story of family, friendship and/or love, which is celebrated over food. It’s about time that Filipino food gets its proper spotlight. With this series, it’s a Filipino-produced original Netflix series, it’s a celebration of not just family, friends, or love but tayong mga Pinoy will be celebrating the Filipino food that we eat each day. When other countries watch the series, mafi-feel din nila iyon.”

See What’s Next on Netflix Philippines 2023

This holiday season, See What’s Next: Philippines 2023’s lineup showcases best-in-class local content available and coming soon on Netflix. These films and series are the perfect watchlist to celebrate a Pinoy Christmas with family and friends. 


Launch date: Coming soon
Directed by: Dan Villegas
Showrunner: Antoinette Jadaone
Cast: Piolo Pascual, Alessandra de Rossi, Sam Milby


Courtesy of Netflix

Launch date: October 13
Watch the date announcement here
Directed by: Mae Cruz Alviar
Cast: Donny Pangilinan, Belle Mariano
Logline: Donny plays “Bingo,” a popular online seller juggling different jobs, while Belle plays “Caroline,” who hails from a traditional wealthy Chinese family. 


Courtesy of Netflix

Launch date: Coming soon
Directed by: Kerwin Go
Cast: Zanjoe Marudo, Elijah Canlas, Dolly de Leon
Logline: Troubled and alone, a boxer moves in with his long-lost mother and autistic pianist brother — but must fit in with a family he hasn’t known for years.


Courtesy of Netflix

Launch date: Now streaming on Netflix
Directed by: Manny Palo
Cast: Alessandra de Rossi, JM de Guzman
Logline: When a pair of newlywed musicians get trapped in a storm on their island honeymoon, they must face difficult truths that could tear their marriage apart.


Courtesy of Netflix

Launch date: Now streaming on Netflix
Directed by: Easy Ferrer 
Cast: Lovi Poe, Carlo Aquino
Logline: After a string of failed relationships, two best friends make a deal to take risks and look for love again — but they might just find it in each other.


Courtesy of Netflix

Launch date: Now streaming on Netflix
Directed by: Jelise Chung
Cast: Miles Ocampo, Kelvin Miranda, Chie Filomeno
Logline: After an unforgettable encounter, a hopeless romantic turns to an app to seek out a man she just met — but is he really what she’s looking for?

Celebrating Christmas the Pinoy Way

This festive season, the “See What’s Next: Philippines 2023” collection proudly celebrates exceptional local content, inviting viewers to savor an authentic Pinoy Christmas experience. Whether it’s heartwarming tales of love, introspective moments, or the enticing aroma of Filipino delicacies, there’s a story that resonates with everyone. These films and series are ideal for holiday binge-watching with loved ones, encapsulating the true spirit of a Pinoy Christmas.

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