This is how amazing life is, living in the Philippines Province. As a foreigner these are the days I value the most about my life here. This place is hidden in the middle of the Philippines Province and there were so much beauty to see, so much to discover! Hikes, forest trails, multiple waterfalls and more…
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We are a recently married Filipino Hungarian couple.
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I’m Susie and I was born in Hungary. Although I used to live in the Philippines for 4 years I spent an unexpectedly long time back in my home country due to the Pandemic.
2022 has brought the change I’ve been waiting for and now I’m back in the Philippines to further explore the local life and the country’s beautiful destinations, food, and culture.

Thank you for joining me on my adventures!

00:00 Breakfast
02:30 Let the hike begin!
04:00 The reason why I love to live here
06:30 Another Paradise!!
09:41 Cliff climbing to San Fernando Falls